The Daily Echo: A Treadmill that Teaches you HOW TO RUN (TrueForm Runner)….. May 29, 2016

May 29, 2016

The past few weeks we have been featuring ways you can get ready to run. Today we highlight the TrueForm Runner Treadmill….. This piece of equipment is simply awesome. Now understand I don’t really like to run…. So why would I think it’s so great. I realized after using the TrueForm Runner why I don’t like to run. Because I SUCK at it….. Yep 50 years on this earth. Played sports all my life and you would think I could master this innate thing we call running. Well it turns out most of us “Suck” at running and walking…. When you get on the TrueForm Runner you will first notice it doesn’t have a motor. Your legs become the motor…And if you don’t quickly learn how to run the right way by engaging your posterior chain aka glutes, hams, you get it….. You won’t go very far on the TrueForm Runner. If you happen to move it much with poor mechanics you will fatigue very quickly. TrueForm has also taken the time to have a complete online library from some of the best in the running world to help train you along the way. You will start to see many more of these popping up in a gym near you…. Take a look

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