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The Daily Echo: Do you let others help you? October 7, 2015

October 7, 2015

One thing Chad Hymas has taught me, is allowing others to help you in life. As Chad travels all over the world he CANNOT get out of his chair without help or get on an airplane. There are challenges at the hotels he stays at and everywhere in between. I remember him talking about how hard it was for him to allow others to help him because he wanted to show he could do it. After he humbled himself and allows others the wonderful opportunity to give service he says what a wonderful blessing it is to allow others to help him out in life. Are you to proud to let someone shoulder the load? I know I am many times. You see know how great you feel when you give service to others, allow that same service at times to be given when needed. Watch this short 1 minute clip of Chad thanking all those in his life for the service they give.

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