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The Daily Echo: Freedom is Not Free… May 28, 2018

May 28, 2018

I have often wondered why the word “celebrate” and memorial day are often in the same breadth. Do we celebrate those who so valiantly gave their lives in defending ours? Do we celebrate the millions of children who lived their lives without a father and mother so I could live my life with one? I enjoy words and finding the meaning of words mostly from their Latin beginnings. Memorial means to belonging to memory or to remember. But how often do I “remember”? How often do I wake up every day and say a prayer of gratitude for those brave men and women and their families. As I look around on most memorial days I only see a celebration full of drinking, partying, and a day free from work. My hope is that I myself along with other’s will begin to “remember” and be thankful not just at the end of May every year but daily. We can also take actions to assist and help are armed forces by offering services to them at discounts to help ease the financial burdens they have. You won’t see “Serviceman” on any list of Money magazine as top paid careers. Please take time and reverent those who gave all so we can have the opportunities we have today.

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