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The Daily Echo: Habit pattern 5 of a winner: Smile Often….September 18, 2014

September 18, 2014

The Daily Echo: Habit pattern 5 of becoming a winner: Smile often…September 18, 2014. from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Today I discuss Habit 5 of the 12 habit patterns of winners. Smiling has been discussed on the Daily Echo before. I’ve been fortunate in my life to spend most of my day with my wonderful wife Inger who smiles constantly. Smiling we know takes far less muscles than frowning, it generates healthy hormones that actually cause us to age slower. Then why do so many people struggle to smile? If you are one that struggles with smiling begin today. Take time to look at your goofy face in the mirror and just smile for 30 seconds. You might begin to laugh and then you too will feel something good and right come over you. Smile often…it generates enthusiasm, friendliness and goodwill.

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