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The Daily Echo. Happy Birthday Grant. He always lived in the Now. April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015

The Daily Echo: Happy Birthday Grant. He always lived in the NOW. April 20, 2015 from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Today I remember my older brother Grant. It’s his birthday and though he is no longer with us he taught me so much. Living in the Now is a difficult thing for all of us. We tend to want to procrastinate until next week or next month. We hold out on enjoying life thinking we don’t deserve it now. The fact of the matter is, you and I only have NOW. Nothing else. By the time tomorrow comes it will be another NOW. In order for us to enjoy this journey we must begin to “Live in the NOW”. Take the action you need to, hug those you love, call the friend you are thinking about, do what must be done but do it NOW. I know what you are thinking. My goals can’t be done now they will take years. So begin it now. The journey of 1000 miles takes 1000 miles so start walking NOW.

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