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The Daily Echo: Happy Birthday Scotty: April 3, 2019

April 3, 2019

As another April 3 passes I am reminded of Scott. It’s been almost 20 years since Scotty was called home. I am fortunate to feel his presence often. I still get those “lectures” and feel his smile almost daily. This larger than life man continues to shine for many of us today. Today’s echo I share a video I made a few years ago. We have all seen videos like this when someone passes. I wonder how much better we would perform on a daily basis if we knew what we were doing today was being filmed and would later be broadcast? Would we act a little different? It’s obvious that those videos that we compile for those that leave us are filled with the best of times, but I wonder if we can try to make the best of times almost all the time?

For 1 day try a simple experiment. Act as if you have a companion on your shoulder today. He is recording everything you do, say, and think. There will be a highlight reel at the end of the day. If you honestly go through this activity you might be surprised how much better your day is. WHY??? Because you will become AWARE of your every act and you will find your kindness, love, and work ethic are higher than most day.

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