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The Daily Echo: Happy Birthday to Marcus!!! Love you Buddy. August 9, 2018

August 9, 2018

Those parents appreciate their oldest child. He or She is the one that helped teach us how to be parents. Unfortunately like any experiment they sometimes got the worst parenting. As much as we love them and care about them we messed up at times with them. Marcus has another birthday today and how blessed our lives are because of him. If you could design the model oldest child it would like Marcus. Never an ill word spoken about his parents, his brothers or sisters. All of the younger siblings look up to him and know how Marcus loves family first. He always sacrifices for family over any of his own aspirations. Even today I am picking him up to come stay at our house and watch dogs while most of the family goes to Newport Beach. I could go on for pages on my admiration and love of Marcus. Thanks buddy for always being the BEST Marcus you can be. We love you and are so thankful our family was blessed to have you in it. You are the best. Happy Birthday.

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