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The Daily Echo: Have you Asked Lately??? January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017

As I sit here Sunday afternoon my heart is drawn to all of the blessings I have been given. This week has bee a very eventful one in our home. My sweet mother underwent heart surgery, my oldest son a root canal, and we had all of our children, spouses, and grandchildren here for the weekend. Through all of the up’s and the down’s of the week I have been comforted by my Heavenly Father. You see I think prayer is real and essential in our lives. Over my life I have grown very close to my Heavenly Father. I know he is there and I know he answers prayers. I cross the path’s of many who don’t carry my same sentiments. Most of the time I find out that they have never really given the effort to ask even if he is there????? In James 1:5 we are instructed to “ask”……… I can promise if you do with sincerity and in faith you too will be blessed by him. If you are one that has become part of the growing number who discount the reality of God, just put it to the test. You too will be blessed to know he is there. No matter how great life can be, there are times all of us need to be carried. He will always be there for you….If you just reach out and open that door.

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