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The Daily Echo: Heaven needed a HERO. Echo Hall of Fame. Jeffrey Scott Lane….. December 18, 2015

December 18, 2015

The Daily Echo: Heaven Was Needing a Hero… The Echo Hall of Fame… Scott Lane from Dr. Eric Lane on Vimeo.

Today’s Video was the hardest I have ever put together. 16 years ago today the world lost one of the greatest men I have ever known. The same day Heaven must have needed a HERO….. Today’s echo is dedicated to my big brother “Scotty” the newest inductee into the “Echo Hall of Fame”. You have to look no further than our second son Landon “Scott” Lane to know the impact he had upon me. Scott’s influence was felt by everyone he crossed path’s with. The infectious smile, the humble heart, and the unconditional love he brought to everyone. I find myself almost daily thinking of him, asking him his thoughts on important matters. At times he takes time out of the HERO work in Heaven and helps lead and guide me. I have felt his spirit many times over the years. Take time to watch this small production in comparison to this larger that life Son, Brother, Uncle, Husband, Father, and Friend. Love you Brother… Jeffrey Scott Lane. Always a Hero on earth and surely in Heaven. Special thanks to Jo Dee Messina for her musical talents of “Heaven was needing a Hero”.

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