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The Daily Echo: How to Face and Addiction to Pornography. April 28, 2019

April 28, 2019

I had a discussion with a patient last week about the many ways we can destroy our lives. The normal topics like alcohol, drugs, and Sugar were discussed. I was surprised when I talked about how many people destroy there lives with pornography by the reaction of the person. They seemed shocked that pornography could have any negative effect on someone. There is so much new data that is not in the religious realm that shows the destructiveness of this epidemic.

Today I share a short clip that does have to do with a religious point of view. But don’t think for one minute that pornography is innocent…….. It will not only destroy the non religious as much as the religious. There is a chemical, physiological destruction associated with it that will change your brain and take everything away from you. It is every bit as lethal as the drugs you believe are lethal…. Heroine, Cocaine……. Yes pornography will destroy you just like these terrible drugs… Take a look at today’s echo and take at look at sites like You might be amazed at the scientific research.

“I can quit whenever I want.” Steve never thought of himself as an addict. He thought that his problem would eventually go away—maybe when he served a mission for his church, or maybe after he got married. But it didn’t go away.

Steve struggled with a lifelong addiction to pornography. He was able to hide his actions and behaviors. But when his addiction led to multiple affairs, he knew his life had to change. His wife felt extremely angry and hurt. She didn’t think that Steve was capable of doing something so painful to her and to their children. Steve felt convinced that there was nowhere to go, nothing to do, and that his life was over.

Feeling hopeless, Steve met with the leader of his congregation and told him everything. His leader advised him to seek a professional counselor who dealt with addiction. His leader also suggested that he ask his wife to attending counseling with him. Steve and his wife began attending addiction workshops and a support group for spouses of addicts.

If you are struggling with pornography use, get help now. You can find resources at You may also want to consider a recovery support group. See for more information.

Spouses and families are also affected by a loved one’s pornography use. If you need help, seek information for your own path to healing on Support groups are also available on

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