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The Daily Echo: How to Fuel Your Creativity Via Beautiful Environments: August 30, 2019

August 30, 2019

A few years ago after attending an Ed Foreman event I took his advice. He talked about taking 6 hours every year and doing the following. Go somewhere you can be alone….TOTALLY alone. I decided to go to my old stomping grounds Flagstaff Arizona. I stayed at Little America. His advice continues. He says to take a walk into nature. At Little America they have plenty of land outside that takes you deep into nature. For the 6 hours Ed said to spend the first 2 hours just walking and thinking about nothing. Notice the flowers. Notice the mountains. Notice the beauty. Then the next 2 hours review your life. Go back from as far as you can remember and walk your way all the way to present time. Spend time in gratitude not guilt, or comparing your life to others. Then for the last 2 hours think deep on where you want to go. What is most important and if you are really focusing on what is your passion and your drive in life. Take a notebook and write and write and write. What ever ideas and inspirations you get write those down.

On today’s echo Robin talks about how his creativity is turned on by wonderful environments around the world. Take a listen and try this activity.

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