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The Daily Echo: How Uses May Boost Longevity: June 4, 2021

June 4, 2021
Get the brand new, comprehensive article I wrote on how sauna may affect longevity HERE:… In this video Dr. Rhonda Patrick summarizes a recent study that found that frequency of sauna use was associated with decreased risk of death. Using the sauna 2-3 times per week was associated with 24% lower all-cause mortality and 4-7 times per week decreased all-cause mortality by 40%. Rhonda discusses some possible mechanisms that could be responsible for the effect on longevity including the increased production of heat shock proteins (HSPs) and activation of the longevity gene, FOX03. Heat stress increases the production of heat shock proteins, which prevent protein aggregation and protect against cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Heat stress also activates FOXO3, which activates many other genes that protect against the stress of aging including DNA damage, damage to proteins and lipids, loss of stem cell function, loss of immune function, cellular senescence and more. Crowdfund more videos: Subscribe on YouTube:… Subscribe to the podcast:… Twitter: Facebook: About FoundMyFitness: Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She also has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biochemistry/chemistry from the University of California, San Diego. She has done extensive research on aging, cancer, and nutrition. It is Dr. Patrick’s goal to challenge the status quo and encourage the wider public to think about health and longevity using a proactive, preventative approach. Learn more about Dr. Rhonda Patrick and her mission for FoundMyFitness at #Sauna #Longevity #FOX03

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