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The Daily Echo: How’s Valgus Knee Working Out For You? May 9, 2020

May 10, 2020

Safe? Maybe. Sometimes.

Most effective shape? Follow along…🐰🕳

If your only sport is squatting up and down, fine. Turn your feet a little. But we KNOW the jumping and landing with the foot turned out is a documented mechanism for ACL injury. So, yeah – foot position matters.

Foot straight limits the valgus force available to the system. Foot out is a different story.

You can test the stabilizing force available with the various foot positions by hitting the bottom of your squat and driving your knees out against your elbows. Notice a difference?

Take your shoes off and repeat. Now look at your feet. Ankle collapse?

If practice makes permanent, do you want your young athletes adopting shapes during gym workouts that set them up for optimal efficiency and reduced injury risk during sports, or…something else?

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