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The Daily Echo: It’s Time for us all To Be One…. May 4, 2018

May 4, 2018

We’re often told it’s okay to be angry.

People say we should be competitive.

That we should be powerful-
Even overbearing

And so, we continue to separate.
Go our own ways

When the one thing we really need—
The thing that would help us see each other as God sees us—
To grow more kind
To be more loving
To feel more whole

Is to be one.

The world tends to reward the person that has separated himself/herself from the crowd. The one who appears more attractive, wealthier, the champion…….. and the list goes on. In most of these cases that reward goes to ONE….. Yes only One. The challenge as we navigate this planet is to understand power and real heroism is obtained when we unify. I love this short clip today. Teaching our children the value of unity and reaching out to others is far more important than becoming the ONE… Take time to watch this powerful clip.

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