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The Daily Echo: Knee pain going up and down stairs…. June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016

One of the most common complaints I see on a daily basis is knee pain going up or down stairs. The same occurs when we run up or down hills. Today’s Echo is on Knee pain going up and down stairs… Just check out the image I pulled from google of an older guy going up stairs. HORRIBLE mechanics… Foot out…Knee in… Knee way over the toe… No wonder he has knee pain going up stairs.. Back in 2011 Kelly recorded an episode I believe can help millions by adapting some simple ways you should go up and down stairs. Take time to watch todays short clip and begin to change the way you move. Most of your limitations and pain are because of repetitively doing things the wrong way. You weren’t born with a bad knee/knees….. You have just moved incorrectly millions of times and finally the cartilage can’t handle it anymore and BAM inflammation and PAIN.. Start changing the way you stand and move and magically the pain begins to go away.

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