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The Daily Echo: Leadership is a Choice… August 4, 2015

August 4, 2015

Today’s short clip is about leadership. The great Stephen Covey referred to leadership as a choice. Your Choice…. You may be in a leadership position at work, sports, as a parent, or another venue but becoming a leader is all about choosing to be a leader. Great leaders inspire change…… Great leaders show by example……Great leaders leave a legacy that goes on long after they are gone…….Great leaders motivate those around them to become better……..Finally realize if you don’t currently have a leadership position you do……… Each day you that you that is deep within you decides how to lead your body. The one that doesn’t want to get up early. The one that doesn’t want to exercise and eat right. The body that complains about change and improvement. Great leadership starts with yourself and getting the best out of you. Begin today…..

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