The Daily "ECHO"

The Daily Echo: Lean into Life… Lesson’s of Ferrari Team Work. May 16, 2019

May 16, 2019

You may be wondering why todays echo is a pit stop video that last 1 minute?????? I want you to watch it a few times. There are so many things in this short video that can teach us many facets of what success is. The obvious things are efficiency and teamwork. No doubt less than 2 seconds to change tires and get that car back on the track indicates incredible teamwork and efficiency. But how does this related to you and I? I want you to pay attention to some of the people on the crew. Particularly watch the 2 guys responsible for taking off the front 2 tires. You will notice they are both leaning in waiting for the car to arrive. Perfect focus as they are squating with arms extended. The only job they have is to remove the tires….THAT’S IT. They aren’t the driver, they will probably never get the accolades for the work they do but they do it anyway. They not only do it. THEY DO IT WITH the pride and dedication to LEAN into with all the vigor they have. Now lets think of our own lives. Most of us are not the Top Dog in the company… Most of us may never be praised or receive any recognition for our part in the work we do. I wonder if we “LEANED IN” like these 2 tire removers would we find more joy in the journey? Would we stop worrying about our title and JUST DO THE JOB WE HAVE the best we can?

Each day we wake up and most of us tie our outcomes to our success that day. But I wonder if we decided today to just “LEAN INTO” all the areas of life that come our way today? How would we feel tonight? I believe if we all DECIDED to LEAN into life the way these 2 tire removers do we would find it wouldn’t be long before we wouldn’t have to worry about our future. We would climb the proverbial ladder of success in all walks of life. Today…. Don’t get caught up in OUTCOMES…. Just focus on Leaning In to life. Do the best you can and Outcomes will take care of themselves.

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