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The Daily Echo: Leveraging Happiness in the Office…. October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

How happy are you at work? Really answer the question…… Are you happy at your job and in your job? Now look around you at work and see how many around you are happy? For many years management almost cultured the habit that thriving at work meant you had to be serious and happiness should not exist. We now know that model is incorrect. If you want your business to thrive you must cultivate happiness in the workplace. Having employees LOVE what they do and LOVE the environment around them is the key to accomplishing far more than the model of the past. Companies like Zappos, Google just to name a few have cultures that reward happy behavior and cultivate laughter and joy in the workplace. As you head to the office today find ways you can increase the “Happiness Advantage” in your workplace..

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