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The Daily Echo: Manspreading with Kelly Starrett…. May 3, 2016

May 3, 2016

Last week we highlighted Kelly and Juliet Starrett’s new book “Deskbound”… After reading entirely through this book I have come to this conclusion…..If you were to only read one book for your health…Deskbound should be that book. It is the owners manual for the greatest tool you and I have…Our bodies… Now understand Deskbound is trying to get us to understand the risks of sitting and how to slowly move away from that “demon” chair and rid ourselves of pain and loss of function. But as much as we want to rid sitting in our lives there will be times we must sit. “Manspreading” is an option that still allows us to maintain a stable hip position while sitting. For you women reading this we will call it Wo-Manspreading. Watch today’s short clip as Kelly explains what Manspreading is and how you can begin to integrate it in your life.

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