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The Daily Echo: Meet Elder Ulisses Soares…. October 24, 2021

October 24, 2021

A short bio highlighting the life of Elder Ulisses Soares. If you have a video you would like us to share on Called to Share, you can email it to ➜ info@calledtoshare[dot]com #Apostles#Witness#Jesus 📘 – Request a FREE Book of Mormon ➜… 💬 Talk with missionaries online or in person. We can read God’s word with you and help you find peace through prayer ➜… ⛪ – Find a local Latter-day Saint Church to attend ➜… 📖 – Request a FREE Holy Bible ➜… ⭐ – Learn the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ➜ https://news-nz.churchofjesuschrist.o… 👪 – Find out about your family history and get to know your relatives ➜

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