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The Daily Echo: New Year’s goals in June? June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

How are those 2015 New Years Resolutions coming along? If you are like most you can’t even remember all of them. Goal setting should lead us to Goal Accomplisment. The problem is that it takes focused effort to accomplish many of our dreams. I am a big believer in weekly reveiwing where we are with each goal. Some must be tossed or surrender to a greater goal. Life is full of the unknown and we must adapt. I am also a big advocate of making the begining of summer (June1) another NEW YEAR Goal setting time. Why? Things change in the summer. For many kids are out of school and the family dynamics will change. It’s a great time to realize you still have 7 months to accomplish what you decided to in January. Don’t quit on the tough goals because you think, “what is the use 1/2 the year is gone”. Wrong over half the year is left. So….. Get after it..

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