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The Daily Echo: Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional….. August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015

The reality is each of us has to deal with the “Pains” of life, but suffering is an option we choose. I remember listening to Hyrum Smith the past CEO of Franklin Quest give a post 911 speech near the destruction zone of the twin towers. He opened his talk that day with those very words. Most of those in that room had lost a loved one to this horrific tragedy. I have thought about that statement many times since that day. How many times in life have I decided to suffer for things I have no control over and what’s worse allow my suffering to effect others. Many of us will never have to suffer what those of 911 did but none of us will escape the “Pains” of life. Our very character is forged in the valleys and painful situations of life as we decide to rise above them…….

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