The Daily "ECHO"

The Daily Echo: Remembering Jak….. April 23, 2017

April 22, 2017

April 22, 2017 our family had to let another family member return to heaven. Jak our toy poodle had been apart of the family for over 5 years. A few years ago Jak lost his beloved Bianca and life was not quite as fun after his “girlfriend” passed on. That didn’t deter Jak from his daily “happy dance” and always on his perch at the top of the couch. Jak was the leader of the pack (the other 3 toy poodles) but rarely did he ever have to put them in place. He gently and quietly was the leader of the other ones. His heart was always full of love and his “momma” Inger was his everything. He would take every chance he could to sit in her lap and then and only then would he show those teeth to the other dogs trying join him. He wanted her all to himself. Over the past few weeks he began to get sick. Liver problems, then diabetes. It seemed as though he had turned the corner and Monday-Wednesday our little “happy boy” was back. He was spinning around, licking everyone in sight and we felt relief. I think Jak wanted us to remember him with a smile, and him at his best. I left town Thursday night and Jak had began to stop eating again. When he did eat he couldn’t hold it down. Finally yesterday morning Inger had to take her little “love” Jak to the vet….. somehow she knew it would be her last ride with him. Today’s echo is for Jak and all the wonderful dogs that enrich our lives. How blessed we are to have these wonderful companions who never care about anyone but US….. There is an empty hole in our hearts now, but I believe Jak moved on to bigger and better things and we will get to watch his “happy dance” as he spins once again.

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