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The Daily Echo: STOP Human Trafficking NOW!!!!! July 30, 2016

July 30, 2016

In what possible twisted world could a person decent to the scum of a human trafficker? Almost 2 MILLION yes MILLION children are bought and sold as property in this world. On today’s echo I feature the trio GENTRI (feat. Madilyn Paige) and Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to help raise awareness of these horrible people committing the horrible crimes they do daily. In the darkest corners of the earth nearly 2,000,000 children are bought and sold as property. Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) has chosen to “say something” and give a voice to the innocent children who suffer in silence and can’t speak up for themselves. They are the “angels” who face the horrors of this reality head on, and who have successfully “pulled” over 600 children (and counting) from “the wreckage” that is the global child sex slave trade. Together with our good friend Madilyn Paige we stand united in challenging you to join us in support of an organization whose mission is to liberate those who have had their freedom unjustly compromised and to give a voice to those who have none. Please SHARE this video to help raise awareness of OUR’s efforts to save and liberate children all around the world, and consider donating to help support their global rescue efforts. Take time to watch this short video today.

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