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The Daily Echo: The Couch Stretch with K-Star: May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020

Welcome to our Movement Vital Signs™ series, where we invite you to take advantage of this time at home to test, retest, evaluate, improve – and begin to learn to speak the formal language of movement, in the context of the movements we use to get fit.

We encourage you to drop these diagnostics into your everyday, because your MVS are dynamic and will vary as your day varies. What are you eating? How much sleep did you get? What kind of training are you doing? How are your stress levels?

First up is one of favorites, The Couch Stretch.

What does the Couch have to do with your sport?

The Couch evaluates your ability to extend your hip AND to have enough range of motion in your quads to do the things a leg is supposed to do. Can you get the back leg up? Can you squeeze the butt? Can you get your torso upright? Can you BREATHE?

Your exercise is not just about physiology, energy pathways, or getting a sweat on. It’s about understanding what’s happening with the mechanic. Time to layer on the next piece – are we at full physiologic native capacity, or not? 1 or 0. No judgement either way.

Look for more Movement Vital Signs™ pieces in the coming days. #IUTU #liveready #thereadystate

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