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The Daily Echo: The Devastating effects of NEGATIVE people. Are you one of them?…… September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016

We have all heard the “we will become like those we spend the most time with”…. Have you evaluated who you are spending time with? Are they negative? Are they constantly complaining and whining about life? What about you? Is your vocabulary full of uplifting encouraging words or are you similar to all the negative people complaining and whining? In life we get what we really want…… You believe that? Take a good like at what you really want…. Not what you think you want but what you are spending your time doing…. You may say I want to build a business and be financially sound, BUT… BUT you spend most of your day playing PS4 or X-Box….. What we do is what we want….Repeat that in your mind… WHAT WE DO IS WHAT WE WANT…… If you really want to build that business you will DO THE THINGS you need to do to build that business… Watch today’s clip and get motivated to change your world..

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