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The Daily Echo: The Genius Blockage Theory for Extremely Special Performers: October 2, 2019

October 2, 2019

…Everyone’s talking about improving our Mindset, yet what about the transformational importance of purifying our Heartset [a term I introduced in my latest book, The 5AM Club]?

…Everyone’s speaking of positive thinking, yet isn’t positive feeling at least equally important to matchless performance—and a life of awe, wonder and beauty?

…Everyone’s evangelizing the priority of peace of mind, yet without “peace of heart”, the win is a hollow one, isn’t it?

The disruptive insight I’m challenging you to entertain, is that human beings are so much more than our psychology.

We have emotional lives—along with physical and spiritual ones, as well.

…To neglect even one of these elements that I call “The 4 Interior Empires” in my teachings is to set up a deep threat to your primal genius…

…And on the Heartset point, when we dismiss the reality that we are feeling creatures and then repress the toxic emotions that build up as life’s disappointments, resentments and stumbles inevitably build up, a Field of Hurt forms that becomes the primary block to our greatest selves.

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