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The Daily Echo: The Mindset of Possibility with Robin Sharma: July 23, 2019

July 23, 2019

How much is Possible in your life? Do you really believe YOU CAN????? How often do we set goals, however we might not fully believe it is possible.

People need to be reminded that they are meant to play at great.

We knew it as kids. So we dreamed. Dared. Acted fearlessly. Lived life passionately. Stood in possibility. But we lost that as we grew up.

Life has a way of making us forget.

We fall into routine. We take things for granted. We stop taking risks. We stop reaching for our mountaintops. We stop speaking truth. We play small with our gifts and talents.

But we deserve better than mediocrity. All of us. Everyday people can do remarkable + extraordinary things. By recalling who they truly are. And standing for their very best.

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