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The Daily Echo: The Obesity Crisis: May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014

On of my greatest passions is health. Why health you ask? Because it effects so much or our lives. If we are unhealthy we don’t feel good this effects our mental states. If we are overweight many times we lack self confidence. In my practice I devote a large part of my office in helping people to get healthy. Many times this involves losing weight. Obesity is at epidemic rates. It is behind most of the diseases we deal with in the world today. The western diet is killing us slowly. Many people think that there is no hope. As unhealthy as you might be there is hope. I see it everyday and watch people transform their lives in front of me. It only takes a desire to get healthy. If that desire is strong enough you will change. As Viktor Frankl says when the pain to stay the same is greater than the pain to change then you will change.

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