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The Daily Echo: The Prison of our Minds??? October 7, 2016

October 7, 2016

When we think of prison we visualize a cell with bars. Most people will do all they can to never end up in that place. Having our freedom taken away from us is a very scary thought. If prison is place we would never intentionally walk into and lock the door, why do so many allow their minds to keep them hostage every day? What we DECIDE to believe day after day holds us prison for as long as we DECIDE to keep believing it…….. Some have been in mental jail there entire lives??? When the key to unlock that door is hanging in the very room we are held hostage…. You must challenge those negative thoughts on a daily basis…You must tell yourself over and over how much you matter, how much potential you have, how you are good, how you are worth something. Sean Stephenson delivers the message today. It’s obvious just from watching his speak of the challenges he had…….. Take time to listen to this message and STOP intentionally DECIDING to be a prisoner.

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