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The Daily Echo: The Prodigal Son through a parents eyes…. April 5, 2016

April 6, 2016

I remember as a child hearing the story of the Prodigal Son. It seemed like an interesting story but somewhat unfair. I related to the Older Son, trying to understand how the father seemed to disregard the faithfulness of the older son while throwing a “party” for the son that seemed to never take like serious or be accountable. Can you imagine killing the “fatted calf” for the son who rebelled and ran out of money only to come home. Fast forward many, many years and now as a parent oh how I missed the mark on that parable. A Fathers love sometimes, cannot be understood as a child. As parents we love all of our children and desire them to have joy and happiness. Because of our experiences we understand the choices that lead to happiness and others that lead to temporary pleasure, but ultimate unhappiness. When we see any of our children wander down path’s that lead to unhappiness, how joyous we are when they “come home”. Happy enough to kill the proverbial “fatted calf”. Take time to watch this wonderful short video of the prodigal son. Maybe years have added wisdom to you as it did to me. What a wonderful parable it is.

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