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The Daily Echo: The Top Life Habits of The World’s Wisest People: October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019

In this video I recently shot for you in London, I passionately and deeply share:

—a list of my new favorite books that I encourage you to read quickly for excellent results.

—hard-hitting ideas on the danger of digital distraction and how to get your “analog life” back [before it’s too late].

—the importance of “keeping the sparkle in your eyes” in a world gone numb and reaccessing the awe and wonder you knew so well as a child.

—the “missing link to personal transformation” based on my 4 Interior Empires model that I explain in my latest book The 5AM Club that is revolutionizing the way so many people just like you view their power, potential and mastery.

—the profound insight that a billionaire who recently invited me to his home for coffee shared with me on why great wealth can be a curse. Oh my, it was precious.

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