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The Daily Echo: WE all need HELP sometime…. September 16, 2017

September 16, 2017

You may have never contemplated suicide but there are many who do on a daily basis. One thing is for sure in life……. We will all have storms that hit us. Some we can walk through, some we better run as hard as we can through, others we might just have to hold on as tight as we can until they pass. Always remember that every storm is ALWAYS followed by the sun coming out. For many that are trapped in the storms of life they can’t fathom getting through it. Depression and thoughts of suicide can become a predominant thought. Communication is vital for anyone feeling overwhelmed and without hope. Reach out and talk to someone. For those that are blessed to not have those feelings. Become aware that they do exist in others. NO others are not flawed and weak, they just need someone to reach down and help them up. We all have opportunities daily to lift someone else. I love the short echo today from Marc Mero. He is driven to bring attention to bullying and help end the numberless suicides by our youth. Take time to listen and they take time to help others.

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