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The Daily Echo: What’s up with all the PROFANITY? Tuesday May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016

What’s up with every TV show, movie, and now cartoon’s thinking that they have to include profanity to make that show better? Maybe I’m alone but I’m not really sure WHY people believe that using profanity improves anything. When I listen to a person that seems to not be able to complete a sentence without every other work being laced with profanity it only makes me think that they are intellectually inept. Today’s short video shows the increase of profanity in our lives. Just like anything destructive it has been a process that has crept in slowly but increasing every year. Companies like VidAngel have stepped up and understand that we are what we read, listen too, and watch. Don’t think for a minute that sitting your child in front of a TV or movie full of profanity will not creep into their vocabulary……IT will. It’s time for people to stop supporting the Hollywood “norm” of them trying to force the lack of value’s down our through by simply not paying for what they are selling. Take a look at today’s clip…

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