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The Daily Echo: Why you should ball your blades with K-Starr: June 3, 2023

June 3, 2023

When ball meets blades, the whole system improves. It doesn’t take much to affect change. 3-5 minutes per side on a lacrosse ball can restore articulation in that shoulder blade, which improves the whole arm/shoulder system. Hit that first rib and get the arm overhead and moving, playing around with angles and positions. For Part II, slide the ball down toward the bottom half of the scapula, hand behind the back, and get some moving side to side. Try it and let us know how it goes. Does your shoulder need more love? Are you stiff, in pain, or missing range of motion? Start by downloading our Virtual Mobility Coach app and taking the Mobility Test. The Test results will point to exactly where you could use the most help. Then start following along with the suggestion mobilization videos to restore function and position and address pain. Get the app today:… Subscribe and turn on notifications to stay current on mobility, performance, and recovery conversations! About The Ready State: The Ready State provides athletes, coaches, and humans of all walks of life the tools to Relieve pain, prevent injury, and improve physical performance. Subscribe to the Virtual Mobility Coach for customized mobility coaching, tailored to your body and lifestyle. Start a 14-day FREE TRIAL today at Connect with The Ready State: Visit the The Ready State WEBSITE: Follow The Ready State on INSTAGRAM: Like The Ready State on FACEBOOK: Follow The Ready State on TWITTER: Follow The Ready State on TIKTOK:

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