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The Daily Echo: Why Your Feet May Be Hurting As You Shelter????? May 27, 2020

May 26, 2020

Get out of those foot coffins, they said. It’ll make your feet feel better, they said.

Yes, but…

Many of you are spending more time barefoot each day than ever before in your lives. #silverlining

More time barefoot is good, right? So why are your feet hurting at the end of these shelter in place days?

The issue is that those coffin-free feet are now spending tons of time on a hard surface, which denies them the constant movement and adjustment they need.

Solution: stand on a cushy mat or similar and give the feet an opportunity to move, flex, pump. Find moments to explore the range of motions of your feet, too. Downward dog is fantastic for this. Throw a ball or roller under there for added input and blood flow.

The OTHER piece to this podiatry puzzle? You gotta walk more! Aim for 8-15k steps each day. Who let the dogs out? You did. You let the dogs out.

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