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Which Yellow Smiley Face are You?

April 18, 2014

I want you to look at the images above.  Ask yourself which Yellow Smiley Face am I?  When I was creating images for my dream board last year I first decided on the picture with blue background.  I realized that in life we are surrounded by many people who don’t really enjoy life.  I pictured myself as the one that would change them.  After a few days I just didn’t like looking at that picture.  Sure I was happy and that’s what I want, but none of the balls around me were.  That’s when I decided to search for a new image to capture what I wanted.  Thankfully I found the perfect picture.  You guessed it, the one with the green background.  I didn’t want to be happy all by myself.  I wanted to be surrounded by happy people.  In fact that picture on the left I ended up putting on a canvas 8×12 and it sits in front of my desk to look at over and over during the day.  Too many people spend too much time around those people that no matter what you do or say will still be negative.  We tend to think that we can turn them all around.  The problem is most of the time we tend to become more like them, than they become like us.  I have told my children to choose there friends wisely.  Choose people that inspire you to be a better person.  Choose HAPPY people.  Choose friends that hold you accountable and are not afraid to straighten you out.  And remember in the end if you want great friends, be a great friend.  🙂

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