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The Daily Echo: 10 Minute Squat Test…. July 6, 2016

July 6, 2016

Today’s episode is the 1st episode Kelly Starett posted on MWOD years ago. Since the first episode he has gone back to the 10 minute squat test multiple times. This is so very important that we can get in this position. Many people cannot get into a full unweighted squat because of limited joint mobility. As ridiculous as it sounds I have had older patients in my office that were told by there PCP to stop squatting down because of pain in knees, back, hips, you name it??????? Wow I think to myself. Are there actual physicians out there promoting this type of rhetoric? Just remember the old saying, “If you don’t use it you lose it”….. Our elderly care centers are filled to capacity because our elderly in this country cannot get up off the floor. If they fall they can’t get up due to lack of mobility, and or muscle strength. The answer is not to stop squatting but to develop the necessary strength and mobility to be able to squat. As we look out into the other parts of the world where people don’t use chairs but sit in a squatting position, they also sleep on the floor. The elderly in these are independent far longer than most of the western civilization. Watch today’s episode and see if you can perform the 10 min squat test? If you can’t identify why? Over time begin to fix the challenges you are facing. Remember, “If you stop using it, you lose it”…

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