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The Daily Echo: Engage in Religious Freedom Debate Constructively: August 5, 2018

August 5, 2018

At a religious freedom conference for Latter-day Saints in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, Elder Dallin H. Oaks encouraged members to get involved “in a constructive way in the vital contest for religious freedom.”

While we live in a diverse society basic religious values are being attacked almost daily. We are approaching the day when believing in Jesus Christ will place you in the “bigot” category. Iv’e already seen articles claiming because the teachings of Jesus Christ denounce certain practices and a way of living he was a bigot???….IF you believe in him and follow him you “too” are a bigot….. Wow how crazy is that???

Today is the day we need to speak out in the defense of our religious freedoms. This very country was founded upon God and that religious freedom. On today’s echo Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave a talk about how we can continue to defend that religious freedom.

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