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The Daily Echo: Inspiring Short: Facing Tribulation “Be of Good Cheer” Camille Fronk: March 14, 2021

March 14, 2021
Christ’s commandment to “be of good cheer” often comes in the midst of adversity. Faith in Christ isn’t a guarantee that we won’t have trials, but Camille Fronk testifies that no trial is more powerful than the peace of His grace. Read the full speech here:…​ Read more about Camille Fronk here:…​ Subscribe to BYU Speeches for the latest videos:​ Read and listen to more BYU Speeches here:​ Listen to BYU Speeches podcasts here:​ Follow BYU Speeches: Facebook:​ Twitter:​ Instagram:​ Pinterest:​ © Brigham Young University. All rights reserved.

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