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The Daily Echo: How did Time go SO FAST… 29 Years with my best Friend Inger.. Love YOU…. August 27, 2017

November 14, 2017

How can 29 years go soooooo FAST????? You have heard the statement… “Time Flies when you are having fun”. It must be true because I have had a BLAST since that Swedish Girl came into my life 29 years ago. We have laughed, cried, loved, and grown together. She is my everything in life. I reflect on her CONSTANT Smile 🙂 that has brightened my day just about everyday of those 29 years. How very lucky I am to have my Sweet Inger in my life. Today’s short video only took about 30 minutes to put together. That is testament enough of the thousands of memories we have in our lives. I could literally fill hours and hours of pictures just like these. She is simply the BEST… Love you sweetie to “the moon and back”. And always remember the little sign hanging in our room…. “Always kiss me goodnight”….

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