The Daily Echo: How I Found Out God Loves Me…. November 26, 2023

November 26, 2023

When I was born I could hear just fine, but I started to lose my hearing around the age of four, by the age of six I lost my hearing completely. I struggled to feel love and peace throughout my childhood because kids would tease me and made me feel that I was less than them. I felt very alone and afraid to talk for fear they would make fun of me. It brought me to a very dark place and afraid for the future because I feared what my life would be like if no one wanted to talk to me. But I realized I was seeking the wrong sources, I was seeking acceptance and approval from those around me. I thought if they would accept me I would have a sense of belonging and happiness. It was not until I started to pray to God and turn to Christ that I started to feel peace. Being deaf no longer bothers me, now I focus on what I can do to help others find their own personal peace by turning to Christ. At the end of this video, you can view other content about personal peace.   ▶︎ SUBSCRIBE to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the latest videos: 🔔 Turn on notifications to stay updated with new uploads!  ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Instagram:   / churchofjesuschrist   ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Facebook:   / churchofjesuschrist   ▶︎ The Church of Jesus Christ Twitter:   / ch_jesuschrist   ▶︎ Visit us on our WEBSITE:

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