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The Daily Echo: How to Handle Haters with Robin Sharma: February 6, 2020

February 6, 2020

Being laughed at or criticized or misunderstood is the price of leaving the herd and producing your magic.

Anything original will disrupt the normal. And so those who feel threatened will find it easier to throw stones at you than send appreciation to you.

It’s easier to shoot the messenger than embrace a revolutionary message, isn’t it.

And so, I’ve made a hot new Mastery Session walking you through The Troll Deconstruction that will teach you some powerful tactics to handle any haters that try to limit your performance.

Go ahead and watch it now.

I hope this helps you continue on your journey of creative leadership versus listening to the naysayers. And giving up.

And to all the tens of millions of people who watch The Mastery Sessions that I record with such sincere passion to help you rise, I say thank you.

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