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The Daily Echo: It’s not easy… September 13, 2014

September 13, 2014

I have talked about Chad Hymas before on the daily echo. This video shows a small part of the daily challenges Chad has just to do simple things. The extraordinary thing about Chad is he travels 500,000 miles a year speaking to corporations around the world. He finds time to speak in high schools and other functions to help children. Most of this he travels alone while his wife attends the children at home. Last night around a camp fire while speaking with Dave Blanchard who speaks with Chad often he shared many details about how remarkable Chad is. He shared how Chad on every trip when he comes home already has done all of his laundry so when he gets home from those trips his wife does not have to do extra work for him. How remarkable is this. Yes life is not easy at times, but if Chad can find time to make sure his laundry is clean when he comes home I believe you and I can accomplish so much more. Enjoy.

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