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The Daily Echo: July Book of the Month: “Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

July 1, 2014

When it comes to nutrition I have read a mountain of books. About every new diet or nutritional book that has been published over th past 20 years I have looked into and many times read from cover to cover. I have been influenced by some and others have left a “bad taste in my mouth”. As many of you know I run a Wellness clinic. Much of my passion has been to see people lose the unwanted weight and get healthy. It’s really all been about health. That means to no longer be dependent on medications. As I have adapted Joel’s principles I have been overwhelmed with success story after success story. You see losing the weight is a natural process if you are eating right. Dependance on medication is not longer needed as our patients adapt this healthy life style. Hunger pains and addictions are no longer a problem. Energy is restored, depression and other mental ailments are improved as the body begins to heal itself through proper nutrition. I encourage all of you to not only read this book but immediately implement it into your lives. If you have children that’s even better as you will literally save them from future health problems. I have said it many times in speaking. We only have one body while we live in this life. The body is miraculous in it’s ability to heal if we just give it the proper nutrients it needs. For those of you suffering from endless medications look no further. Within 3-6 months you can restore your health and no longer depend on the medications. You see this book is really not about weight loss, it’s about restoring health. The great thing about restoring health is body fat decreases, blood sugar normalizes, cholesterol drops to safe levels, blood pressure normalizes, hormones act like they should, and you feel wonderful.

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