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The Daily Echo: Motherhood, an inspiring and noble calling…. October 28, 2018

October 28, 2018

Yes I will admit I am biased towards mothers. I believe of all the roles, callings, duties, offices held in the world….Motherhood is at the top. Maybe it’s because of my personal experience with Hall of Fame Mother’s. My own Mom who continues to inspire me and has 80 years of all the attributes of the best mother shines on. My own wife for 30 years love, nurture, inspire, life, guide, and be the glue of our family. And now our sweet Karina and Emily delivering those same attributes to their young families. I love today’s short clip on mothers. This week make sure you reach out to your own mother, wife, or a mother that has inspired you. Let them know how much better your world is because of them.

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