The Daily Echo: Remembering our Angel Elisabeth: March 10, 2021

March 10, 2021

The 5 year mark has hit us today. At times it seems like a lifetime while others it seems like yesterday. We are all fortunate to have angels enter our lives. We also benefit from the angels that inspired those in our lives. In my case it is the case in both scenarios. My incredible sweet Inger is that angel that was inspired by her angel mother Elisabeth. We miss her but have comfort in our hearts she is progressed to a better place. The purpose of this earthy life has an end for all of us. Victory with the Redeeming Love and Sacrifice of our Savior is there for all of us. But the choices we make and the life we live are the true spoils of success when our time is up. Our sweet Elisabeth understood and lived that to the tee. She figured out long ago that the only true success and joy in life is serving and loving others. How each of us felt love from this great woman. We love you Elisabeth.

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