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The Daily Echo: SELF Sabotage…The Enemy we all face…. October 5, 2017

October 5, 2017

Today’s echo is from a dear friend of mine who has helped thousands change their life. Dave Blanchard share a special video today. I can promise you this!!!! If you invest the time to watch and LISTEN…. Listen with your heart changes will begin to happen.

Here is the backstory from Dave..

A few weeks ago, I was in Dallas, Texas, about to go on stage. I was asked this question… “Dave, how are you?”

I responded; “I don’t think I have the courage to do what I have been shown.”

This dear friend simply said, “Do it.”

Here’s the backstory:

The afternoon before while mentally rehearsing, I was overcome by the self-sabotaging internal dialogue being experienced by so many—thoughts about their worth and worthiness, questions about their ability and beauty especially in comparison to others, doubts about their ability to commit and keep commitments, disvaluing their contributions, and experiencing shame from past mistakes.

I reflected on the numerous times I have heard words like…

“I can almost touch it… taste it. Why can’t I have it?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Does God not love me?”

I had an overwhelming impression to do something I have never done before with a live audience. That evening I took the stage and shared the experience from the previous day and then shared some of the dialogue. It was immediately apparent this was a huge and pervasive challenge. With renewed courage I proceeded.

I asked everyone if they could trust me. They said, “Yes.” I asked them to close their eyes. They did.

After again reviewing some of the dialogue, I asked those who were struggling with this kind of self-sabotaging internal dialogue to quietly stand. 97% spontaneously stood not knowing if they were the only one standing. I had seen this moment in my mind, but here it was right in front of me. My heart was in my throat.

I shared, “When we are enslaved by this dialogue we rob ourselves and everyone else of our greatest gifts. We get inspired ideas and then talk ourselves out of our own inspiration.”

Together, we ripped off these chains and then had everyone open their eyes. It was finally clear—they were not alone—this sabotaging dialogue burdens almost everyone.

We all committed to set aside our sabotaging dialogue and show up in love for the remainder of the convention, focused on serving others, and lifting this burden from them. Heard a lot of great stories over the next two days.

A truth: Almost everyone everywhere is burdened by self-sabotaging internal dialogue even though most people look perfectly okay—“look” being the operative word. We, you and me, can suffer in silence or we can choose to rip off these chains and show up real, genuine, and authentic, fully available to serve others AND experience real joy!

If I said half the things to you that your habits of thinking say, could we be friends?

Please watch the video. Let’s raise your awareness about the primary causes of this dialogue and assist you in more clearly hearing this dialogue. Change begins with awareness.

Our habits of thinking impact every facet of our lives—they support or sabotage our efforts. It’s time to take action. The world is waiting for you.

From my heart to yours…

Dave Blanchard

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