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The Daily Echo: The Firefighter Who Burned Books with Robin Sharma: September 25, 2020

September 25, 2020


📖 You can order my new book “The 5AM Club” here: On a refuelling break in my beloved Rome I read Ray Bradbury’s genius-grade book Fahrenheit 451. It’s a work about a world of the future… …where books are banned. ….where the job of the firefighter is to burn them. …where people are required to spend their finest hours watch mindless television on massive screens. In a passionate effort to help you avoid falling into any form of apathy, mediocrity and unoriginality in your creative life, I took the notes I made from the book and shared them in this powerful new episode of The Mastery Sessions. You’ll find this super-valuable as you handcraft a life you adore… Love + respect, Robin To join the millions of people who watch my Mastery Sessions podcast, subscribe here‎: Here are all the details on my digital mentoring program #TheCircleOfLegends:

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