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The Daily Echo: What Happens When Life Throws you a Curve Ball?? August 20, 2019

August 20, 2019

Life doesn’t always happen as you think it will or should. On today’s echo a favorite of mine, Chad Hymas is an example of that. His life was traveling in a certain direction. A direction he was directing when a moment of bad decision changed his life in every way imaginable. Over the years I have highlighted Chad and his remarkable spirit and attitude.

As you look at Chad’s pre-accident life vs his post-accident life it is amazing on how he has responded to a hypothetical “Curve Ball” life threw him. As you and I take on another day we probably will never have the type of challenges Chad has had but we can all be sure we will have “curve ball’s” thrown our way. Can we follow the example of Chad and actually make a bad situation a better life for us and those around us? If we always remember we can choose our response to EVERY good and bad thing that comes our way. We can CHOOSE to make the best of every situation regardless of what that is. Take time to watch today’s echo and decide how you can grow with all of life’s challenges.

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